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After a successful trial grant in 2016, we have committed to two further years of support amounting to £40,000 – £25,000 in year 1 and £15,000 in year 2.

The funds are being used to support three areas:
Get Fit Fast – an initiative to get young people to embrace the virtue of fitness and general health. It has the potential to become a revenue stream and perhaps one day a social enterprise as demand is high and Carneys have the skills to deliver.

Disability Boxing – these sessions simply give the same access to boxing training as everyone else is getting to disabled young people. It’s great for them and inspiring for able bodied young people too.

Administration and building costs – The building is where all the good gets done and it needs caring for! We have made a contribution to that.
What was achieved in the first year?

While boxing is Carney’s main platform for engagement, alternative interventions are offered for the less sporty, including music, education and business counselling. The model clearly works as over 70 young people recorded outcomes in areas such as gaining employment, boxing competitively, accessing education and setting up their own businesses, volunteering and gaining accredited qualifications. Of the 70, 22 went into paid employment.