Tour De Force 2015

Tour de Force 2015 was largely about heat – lots of it! Our riders travelled from Utrecht to Paris under glorious sunshine which caused its ownFeature Bernard punching air challenges as our riders battled with heat exhaustion.

Tour de Force 2013

After our very first public Tour de Force 2012, the event has gathered momentum and was inundated with applications for 2013. The Lifer places (to ride the entire route) sold out in just 20 minutes, with the Tour Tasters in the Alps and Corsica selling out within the first hour and the entire tour sold out by Christmas.

Sportive 2011

2011 saw our first Sportive. Over 150 riders joined us aged between about 5 years old to a heroic 79 (80 in a month) on the 30 miler. Everyone played his or her part and all riders completed what they turned up to achieve.

Tour de Force 2006

The Tour de Force was the biggest fund raising event that the Trust had ever undertaken. The idea for the event was conceived in early 2005 and in June 2006 almost 100 riders tackled one or more stages of the world’s most fearsome cycle race, Le Tour de France.

Craven Cottage 2002

Premiership football scouts were out in force at Craven Cottage to witness the William Wates Memorial Trophy on 7th September. This annual tournament has been gathering a reputation for unearthing some interesting raw talent...