Ride High

RWe have just agreed to make one of our largest ever grants of £130K towards the 1st year running costs of the new Ride High Equestrian Centre in Milton Keynes.

This is an innovative social enterprise with profits from the riding centre going back into the charity thus ensuring it’s future sustainability. After 3 years of work, the lease was signed on 24th July and we could not be more thrilled to be supporting such an exciting project.

Ride High is an exceptional charity in Milton Keynes set up to change the lives of disadvantaged children by giving them the opportunity to ride horses, build their self-esteem and confidence and improve their future prospects.

They work with between 80 – 90 children (aged 8-17) every week who may be in foster care, young carers, are suicidal or self-harming or living in environments dominated by ill health, poverty, drugs or alcohol. Their goal is to transform children from being disengaged and unhappy with very poor prospects to being confident and positively engaged in the outside world and they do it very well.

Website: www.ridehigh.org