The William Wates Memorial Trust is pleased to announce a donation of £2846.00 to Carousel in order to fund their Crypt Project.

Carousel is based in Brighton and is a charity that works with children and adults of all ages who have learning disabilities. Founded in 1982, Carousel creates unique opportunities for people to participate in the creative arts such as dance, drama, music and visual art. Carousel’s aim is to make the arts accessible to people with learning disabilities, many of whom have associated physical disabilities, sensory impairment and challenging behaviour. The arts council of England and the Government department of education and skills acknowledge and support the work that Carousel does.

The Crypt project is from the ‘explore the arts category’ of Carousel, which is for people who are experiencing the arts for the first time. The project will offer the participants the opportunity to develop self-advocacy and social interaction in a creative environment. Eleven participants, aged 14-18, with complex learning disabilities will be brought together to explore drama, movement, music and visual arts. Each participant will receive one to one support where necessary, from a trained Carousel volunteer which will enable them to become independent of their support structure within their care home, school or day centre.

The project begins in mid October 2003. Carousel have already recruited participants that include four young people with complex and multiple needs, one young man with mild needs who lives with his parents, and six young people attending a residential programme towards independent living. The feeling is that the group will work well together to make some exciting artwork.