Crimestoppers Community Champion

>>>Crimestoppers Community Champion

Crimestoppers are an independent charity helping to find criminals and help solve crimes.

They have an anonymous phone number that people can call to pass on information about crime; alternatively people can send in information anonymously via their website. Callers don’t have to give their name or any personal information and calls cannot be traced. They have received 70,000 actionable calls in the first three months of 2009.

Their Community Affairs Project, tackling gun and knife crime amongst young people, aims to reduce gun and knife crime by raising awareness of Crimestoppers among 11-18 year-olds, to get them to call with any information they have on crimes. The project was launched in Southwark but has recently been extended to Lambeth. The London Boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth are two of the worst areas hit by these forms of crime.

An important part of the project is to find Community Champions. They find youth workers and young people to come on board to help spread the word about what they do, to encourage young people to call Crimestoppers with information about crime.

The William Wates Memorial Trust is sponsoring the salary of Chris Preddie with a total donation of £30,000 over 3 years.

Chris is 21 years old and has been an inspiration to all the young people he’s met. He is the cousin of Danny and Rickie Preddie who were convicted of killing Damilola Taylor. Chris used to be involved in gangs, guns and drugs before his brother was murdered in a drug-fuelled shoot-out 5 years ago. Turning his life around through grief and tragedy, Chris became a Youth Worker and the first Crimestoppers Community Champion teaching young people about the benefits of Crimestoppers. We are very proud to be supporting him.