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The William Wates Memorial Trust is delighted to announce a grant for the Montage Theatre.

Montage’s community acting, singing and dancing classes were established in 1999 when Judy Gordon, an experienced teacher and performer, identified a need for classes for children and adults who did not want to work towards exams but valued the structure of a carefully planned curriculum with the emphasis on technique.

The acquisition of skills has a dramatic effect on confidence and self-esteem, and working in a group offers opportunities for friendships based on shared interests. Children’s attitudes to learning can be transformed and the classes offer a gateway into the joy of performance. Every opportunity for the students to perform for an audience on stages in a variety of professional and community settings is eagerly seized.

WWMT sponsored a film featuring the The Cats poem made by children made aged between 8 – 13yrs. The film was made in one of the digital workshops that Montage ran at the Telegraph Hill Centre in South East London.