Multigames Wall

>>>Multigames Wall

The National Playing fields association put us in contact with Hounslow Council who needed donations to help pay for a multigames wall in Grovsenor Park. This is a brick wall with different coloured lines drawn on it that represent different sporting targets.

Targets include; goal posts and tennis nets; cricket stumps and plastic panels built into the wall to help aiming skills; sections of angled brick deflect balls at odd angles. There are also basketball and netball rings.

The wall is placed in the middle of the playground to enable more than one activity to be played at once. It is also almost indestructible.

This wall aims to encourage youngsters to engage in sporting activities by offering them a wide range of sports to choose from at only the cost of their raw materials – footballs, tennis balls etc.

It satisfied our requirements for a sustainable sporting project aimed at getting kids off the streets.

The foundation gave £25,000 which paid for the whole project.