Oval House

The William Wates Memorial Trust was delighted to be able to donate £5490 to Oval House, Arts in education. Oval House, which is based in Kennington, London, develops programmes to provide a safe space for young people to play, explore, learn and develop as responsible citizens. Oval House has a long history of using participatory drama to stimulate meaningful debate and empower young people to take responsibility in their lives.

The donation is specifically aimed at a Citizenship programme called “Me, Myself and Them”. This programme responds to the real needs for Oval House participants to address issues that impact and shape their lives. The workshops have been designed around scenarios and issues that they themselves have identified as being “problematic”. The workshops touch students on a personal level and provoke a social response.

The programme will be offered to all Lambeth and Southwark students aged 13-17 years and will aim to benefit up to 450 young people. Workshops tackle issues such as Racism and identity, Peer pressure and Crime and Justice.

The donation will go towards development time, tutor preparation, tutor training, workshop fees, workshop materials and ongoing evaluation of the course. In all there will be over 30 workshops run by 3 tutors. Importantly this is a sustainable project and the tutors skills can be carried forward into additional projects.

We are delighted to report that pre-bookings for this course have already attracted a great deal of interest and that it is likely that more than 30 workshops will be required.

For further information please have a look at the Oval House website www.ovalhouse.com or contact Jan Sharkey-Dodds on 0207 582 6279.


We are delighted to report that this project was an overwhelming success.

The target was to deliver up to 30 programmes to a total of 450 students. However due to demand 37 programmes were run and 555 students participated. The age range of the students that took part ranged from 12-17 years with students coming from 5 local schools and from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

A youth worker from Lambeth College described the project as:

“Very emotional and motivational work. It helped my students gain confidence and was a very good workshop”.

This was a project that we were delighted to associate Will’s name with.