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Through the support of WWMT (£10,000) Positive Help have been able to run The Homework Club to meet the need for academic support for young people in the families they work with.

This project will provide young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with a dedicated volunteer who will meet with them weekly to help with their homework and learning.

The project will engage with young people living in very low-income households, many associated with chaotic lifestyles and drug use. These children will be provided with a quiet, encouraging space to work on their homework, aided by volunteers who can provide individual support and attention they need.

The Homework Club will allow young people to get individual academic support in either a group environment or on their own. Their aim is that 50 young children will take advantage of this opportunity.

Positive help is a charity based in Edinburgh that was proposed to us by a Tour de Force rider. It is one of a small number of pilot projects we are supporting that are ‘sponsored’ by Tour de Force riders and fit all our criteria apart from Geography.