Quiet Time

This is a project that teaches Transcendental Meditation in schools. The project we support is a pilot to show educators, schools, authorities and parents in the South East that “tinkering around the edges” is no longer valid when it comes to disadvantaged children who have been failing in our schools.

Our grant will be used to deliver Transcendental Meditation to two schools in Sussex (Cornfield, Littlehampton and Worthing High School). Thirty-five students in each school will benefit and the project will run for six months.

The Quiet Time team will teach both teachers and pupils the simple natural technique of Transcendental Meditation so that twice daily. These 10-15 minute Quiet Time sessions will be evaluated over six months by Brighton and Sussex Medical School measuring improvements in, engagement with teaching, mental stability, improved behaviour and improved learning.

The total cost of delivering this project in schools was £19,870. And there was also the academic research side to the project being undertaken to evaluate the changes in the students during the intervention.

We felt that this project was so interesting that we spoke to The Ronald Wates Foundation (named after Will’s grandfather) and the Wates Family Enterprise Trust (the Charity arm of the Wates Group) and between us we have been able to cover all the costs of the project. We plan to do more of this leveraging in the future. We wait with anticipation for the results.

This work is relatively new to the UK but here is a US website with more information – http://www.tm.org/benefits-classroom