Science and Technology Regional Organisation. (SATRO).

On 22nd September, 2004 it was my pleasure to attend for the first time a SATRO award ceremony at the County Hall in Kingston-Upon-Thames. For anyone that knows me, Science and Technology were never my strong points at school. My teachers always assured me that they put me in the front row so that I could see the white board not because they wanted to keep an eye on me. The fact that my eyesight is still 20:20 does raise the obvious question.

With this in mind the event was very humbling. Students, who had all excelled at school, surrounded me. These were students who got straight A’s at GCSE and straight A’s at A Level and AS level. What was humbling was not that they had all got fantastic results academically but that they also had real passions outside the classroom as well.

Steven was no exception. His interest in horse riding and teaching riding to other children was only matched by his love of aircraft and in particular aerodynamics. It was really great to meet him and his parents on the night and the WWMT wish him all the luck at Imperial College University.

We gave Steven £1000 per year for four years to put towards his university costs. It was up to him how he used the money – I only hope that he had a little spare to go down the pub.