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Street League work with the most disadvantaged youth offenders from East London and change their lives through football. 76% of offenders are unemployed on release from prison and only 36% enter education or training courses.

Street League provides them with an opportunity to engage in a structured football project in the first crucial week after release. Participants that show promise get selected to join the eight week ‘Employability Academy’ and 72% of these end up in sustained employment or education.

End of Grant Summary Report – Sept 2014

Street League works with 16 to 25 year-olds who are not in employment, education and training (NEET). Their vision is to help bring an end to structural youth unemployment in the UK. With almost one million young people out of work, they believe youth unemployment is the single biggest threat to the future prosperity of our country. Street League engages with these young people in a structured football and education ‘Academy’ programme, with two hours in the classroom and two hours on the pitch each day. The intensive eight-week programme develops vital employability skills such as communication, teamwork and goal-setting. It also offers nationally-recognised qualifications.

What We Did

Provided a 3 year grant at £10k Per annum

What They Did With The Money

The annual grant of £10,000 was invested in the engagement of young offenders through Street Football programmes running in East London at Catford Power League (which changed location to Burgess Park in South East London) and the Calthorpe Project in Kings Cross. The grant was fully spent and was used to support the costs of our Youth and Community coaches’ salaries in each area that are responsible for engaging young people and delivering the Street Football sessions.

What They Delivered

  • Between April 2013 and March 2014 Street League engaged with 48 young offenders, 18 of who were on probation orders. There were 28 participants from Calthorpe Academy, NE London and 20 from Burgess Park, Southwark. Of the 48 who participated in the Academy programme, 35 graduated and 25 progressed into positive outcomes.
  • Street League recruit former participants as coaches on the Academies and enlist peer volunteers to support the participants. 46% of current staff across London, 100% of coaches in North London and both the Progressions Coordinator and Coach at the East London Academy were former participants.
  • Two Academy Graduates were invited onto the board of trustees during 2012.
  • Additionally, all Academy participants volunteer in their local community for 10 hours, as part of their Community Sports Leadership Award (CSLA Level 2) course requirement. This provides young people with the opportunity to lead from the front, help shape services and activities and provide key peer mentoring support to new participants. The experience allows young people the chance to engage with their community in a project they designed and it is an experience many consider the highlight of the Academy.
  • Young people improved their practical skills and experience including CV writing skills and interview skills, through mock interviews, and have gained a better understanding of employer needs and acceptable workplace behaviour. Work experience placements improved the participant’s employability and confidence in finding employment and given them a taste of the ‘real’ world of work.

Measuring Success

  • When interviewed 96% of participants stated that their confidence had improved and that they felt much fitter as a result of the football training sessions and matches.
  • The two delivery teams noted a considerable improvement in the personal and social skills of the participants including: teamwork, communication – especially listening more to others, improved attendance, timekeeping and appearance.
  • Street League uses a range of monitoring tools to measure the progress and impact of the programmes.
  • The current success rate for the Academy participants progressing into a positive outcome is 81%. That is, for every four participants who graduate from the Academy, two will secure employment, one will progress into training and another one will progress into education.
  • In March 2013 Street League attained Skills Development Scotland’s Quality Standards Assessment and is currently working towards achieving the Matrix standard for IAG.


Street League is a quality organisation and our money has been well used. They are well established and compared with many of the charities we work with, quite sophisticated. Their annual income for year-end 31st March 2013 was £2.53m.They plan to increase their presence from the current 7 UK Cities to 13 by 2015. Our contribution, whilst relatively modest given their scale, was very well utilised by a charity with a well-honed model that achieves good quality results.

Jonny Wates