Launched in 2003, Tender brings a unique preventative approach to the issues of violence and abuse in young people’s relationships.

We use our expertise in drama and the arts to engage disadvantaged young people and to challenge hardened attitudes of tolerance to violence.

Our projects train young people to become peer-educators and Youth Ambassadors, empowering them to actively promote healthy relationships in their peer-groups, families and communities. We also work at an institutional level to embed sustainable violence prevention in whole schools, youth centres and pupil referral units across Greater London.

Ultimately, Tender seeks to:

• Change young people’s attitudes towards abusive relationships, increasing their awareness and empowering them to not resort to violence and to step away from it when directed towards them
• Reduce the incidents of domestic and sexual violence
• Enable an integrated classroom approach to teaching violence in relationship issues and encouraging preventative measures
• Gain official recognition of the importance of violence prevention work with young people for promoting healthy relationships, embodied in its inclusion within the National Curriculum

Young people are involved in all aspects of Tender’s planning, from the level of our projects through to representation on our board.