Westminster Befriend a Family

>>>Westminster Befriend a Family

Grant Amount £10,000 over 2 years

Westminster Befriend a Family was established in 1989. Their aim is to improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families in Westminster by improving their: learning, living conditions, physical and mental health, and integration.

With 4 staff and 200 volunteers, they mobilise a voluntary workforce that supports 300 parents and 500 children each year.

Volunteers provide family support services to families with complex and multiple needs who fall just below the threshold for statutory support. Volunteers provide a home-visiting service to: homeless families; families with children aged 0-8; and vulnerable young people aged 8-18.

Volunteers also provide community-based projects: weekly swimming and martial arts lessons for children; weekly drop-in advice service/crèche; weekly education project for mothers (with crèche); half term family outings; and arts and leadership projects for young people. These community-based projects provide a motivating environment for the learning and development of disadvantaged young people.

The Swim and Win Project: The aims of the project are: improving children’s physical and emotional health; reducing social isolation; and improving learning and development. It benefits 47 children aged 5-16 years old each term. Children are rewarded with certificates of achievement at annual tournaments.

Website: www.befriendafamily.co.uk