Weston Church Youth Project

>>>Weston Church Youth Project

£24,000 over three years

WCYP Achieve works with young people struggling at school with the following projects:

Attendance project at the local primary school: This project targets work with children with attendance primarily between 80 and 85%, offering a programme of group work, incentives and family support to address the issues causing low attendance and raise it above the 85% before it becomes a serious problem. They work with young people in school, but also encourage them to attend after school provision, which is long term.

Mentoring Project: Their one-to-one mentoring project works with 6-12 individuals mostly aged 13-16 on the verge of exclusion or school refusal. Each individual receives weekly sessions with their mentor and regular reviews of their progress.

Positive Achievement Group: In partnership with the local secondary school, this project identifies 10-12 young people (aged 13-15) with issues affecting their attendance and or behaviour at school and provides a target based group work programme one morning per week designed to raise aspirations and improve behaviour and engagement.

Website: www.wcyp.org

Tour de Force Rider Group Visit – 4th June 2014

I’m just heading home after an inspirational visit to the Weston Church Youth Project. As soon as I walked into the building I could feel the positive and uplifting atmosphere that the project is generating. It was great to hear how the WWMT is helping to fund the project and to see first-hand the positive response from the children involved. It made all those hard miles last year even more worthwhile. – Andrew Green

Andrew Hockley:

“Thank you for organising the visit to WCYP last night. I have to say I really enjoyed myself and to see the work the charity does with the funding from WWMT. I played table top football with a little chap called Mckenzie and a young girl called Spirit, both eight years old. It was a real eye opener for me and I’m already thinking of something I could do for the WYCP in the future.”


“I spoke to a young girl – what an inspiration she is. She was always in trouble at school and not expected to achieve anything. After taking part in the programme she realised if she wanted to become a veterinary nurse she would have to work at getting her GCSEs. She was predicted to get nothing above a Grade C, but she ended up with nothing below a C and even had A grades in at least two subjects. She is now at College doing a Veterinary Nurse Diploma and hopes to stay there to do her degree. She absolutely loves it and is happy to work as hard as she can.

But at home she is one of 9 children, 6 living at home. She does all the cooking and cleaning and looks after their Mum, and is happy to do it. Also on her Wednesday afternoons off from college she volunteers at a local old peoples home, which she loves and hopes she can carry on doing all the time she is at college. She says she doesn’t know what she would be doing now if it wasn’t for the programme. It made her realise she could make a difference to her life. One of her sisters who has also had problems at school is now in one of the PAD groups.

Can’t think of a better reason to raise the money.”