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>>Bush Hall

Morph come out of nowhere.

Bush Hall? Sounds like something the BBC owns. On further investigation I find it is a venue that bands like REM and Coldplay have chosen to play private gigs in. When I arrived I see why they chose it for private gigs. I was nervous. I would like to say with anticipation but after scratching the surface I knew that it was because I had never been anywhere so… well… hip and secret. The building with no name did not look like the sort of place that had played host to such icons of music culture.

The letterbox was a little creaky and the doorbell fell off into my hands but I had a man on the inside and he begrudgingly let me in though the cat flap at the back. With my feet sticking to the floor as I walked and a beer in hand I was able to grasp why this venue was chosen for Morph’s eagerly anticipated comeback. It was beautiful. The light from the chandeliers warmed up the old but tactile red and gold wallpaper and the stage lay in wait, confidently and patiently for the main attraction.

With James Mulford gargling TCP in the wings, Rory Watson put on an extra-ordinary performance in the auction – bagging thousands of pounds and not the hundreds we were all expecting. He swears blind that he was seeing hands in the air and all my investigations have failed to prove that he was seeing at least double. Anyhow, the prices kept on going up and that can only be a good thing.

Hands in the air only tell half the story of audience participation when Morph got onto the stage. It was truly an enlightened performance and one that James should be hugely proud of. The glint in James’ eye as the audience bayed for more gave me the impression that he liked it a little too much.

I never did get hold of him after the gig. The unconfirmed rumours are that Barclays could not offer him enough to stay. When I tried to contact him, I was pin-balled between his agent, publicist and busiest of all, his stylist. Although slightly irritating, I wish him the best and thank him and all who sailed with him for a great, and fantastically successful, night.

I heard that U2 were playing at Twickenham on the same night – they won’t make that mistake again.

James Mulford is a friend of Will’s from Radley. Morph playing at Bush Hall raised £9000 for the WWMT.

Author: The Rat in the Camp